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CBD Breaks Down into THC in e-cigarettes

Key Findings: The intent of this study was to determine the breakdown products of CBD when exposed to heat. Temperatures in the the operating range of e-cigarettes and higher were used in the study. In all cases, the top breakdown product of CBD when exposed to these tempteratures was THC. Since CBD in e-cigarettes can break down into THC, "it [CBD] bears all the dangers related to this psychoactive compound."

"The presence of CBD in e-cigarettes might pose dual risk. First, as a precursor of the psychoactive THC, it bears all the dangers related to psychoactive THC use. Moreover, its use in e-cigarette liquids is not regulated; therefore, the exposure of e-cigarette users to THC is unknown. And second, CBD itself is a pharmacologically active compound with remarkable activities on the central nervous and the cardiovascular system and is marketed as prescription-only medicine with several potential adverse efects such as somnolence, decreased appetite, diarrhea, pyrexia, fatigue, and vomiting."

Published in Scientific Reports

Authors: Zsuzsanna Czégény, Gréta Nagy, Bence Babinszki


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