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Secondhand and Thirdhand Cannabis Exposure

In a culture that is largely pro-cannabis, many people remain unaware that there is such a thing as secondhand and thirdhand exposure, and that this comes with negative effects.

The Thirdhand Smoke Resource Center defines thirdhand smoke as "secondhand smoke gases and particles that stick to and become embedded in materials and objects, like carpet, walls, furniture, blankets, and toys. Thirdhand smoke is not strictly smoke, but chemicals that adhere to objects from which they can release back into the air or accumulate in house dust." (While this organization's focus is on tobacco smoke, the same thirdhand issues apply to cannabis smoke and vape).

Non-users often don't have a choice about whether or not they are being exposed, and yet the effects on their health can be significant. Below are some articles with information on secondhand and thirdhand exposure to cannabis smoke and vape.

Concerned? Learn How You Can Get Involved

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