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Breathe Free Oregon

​We are a group of concerned citizens who have found our lives deeply affected by the increasing use of cannabis in our communities. Some of us have become extremely sick through secondhand and thirdhand exposure as we find second- and thirdhand smoke, vape, and oils permeating our homes, workplaces, gyms, and even our outdoor spaces and air.​

We believe that, unless the situation is addressed, secondhand and thirdhand exposure will worsen, given the permissive and casual attitudes toward cannabis, and will begin affecting the life and health of more non-users.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create more awareness about the negative effects of cannabis for both users and non-users by compiling scientific research on the effects. By raising awareness and making our voice heard, we hope to advocate for cannabis-free air in all public and private spaces that non-users access.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: Safe, breathable, cannabis-free air for all those who want it.

Does This Issue Affect You Or Those You Love?

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