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Share Your Experiences With Cannabis

"I have been experiencing secondhand cannabis/CBD smoke and vape exposure in my own home, where now currently I both live and work, for the last several years. Due to severity of symptoms I have, such as nerve numbness, loss of motor control, vomiting, convulsions, and the loss of bowel and bladder control that occur with exposure, I am no longer comfortable going out in public because the symptoms will come on suddenly with both second and third hand cannabis/CBD exposure. Hair toxicology testing has revealed cannabidiol (CBD) in my system for every month I have been tested. Now that CBD is being sold in grocery stores, coffee shops, gyms, etc, it is very rare to have an cannabis/CBD free day."


-Anonymous, Bend, Oregon resident

"Currently I'm living in a van because I can't find anywhere to sleep because it smells like weed everywhere. I throw up from the smell of weed and no matter what I do no matter where I go I can't find anyone to help. Even after trying to stabilize my mask cells I wake up with intensely puffy eyes and I'm so tired of being sick!"


-Shannon, Buffalo, New York resident

"My teenage son went to treatment for his addiction to high-potency THC only to return to a culture where pot is extremely accessible and normalized. Sadly, within weeks he was hooked again. There is a widespread idea that it is completely benign, but I see firsthand the havoc it is causing his life.  


"I also hate the omnipresent smell of marijuana on Portland streets. My husband and I went to an outdoor concert a few weeks ago, and the smell of pot was so strong that I became nauseated and needed to leave early. Since it has been legalized in Oregon, no one seems to think twice about lighting up in public, whereas there is much more sensitivity about second-hand cigarette smoke."

-Anonymous, Portland, Oregon resident

"Over the last two years, second-hand exposure to marijuana has turned my life upside down, significantly impacting my quality of life. When exposed to second-hand cannabis I experience cough, headache, nausea, burning nerves in face, arms and back, motor control issues, dizziness, and a host of other symptoms. I cannot walk my suburban neighborhood or the streets of my hometown without being exposed. Cannabis infiltrates my single-family home from neighbors who smoke and vape, so that every day my focus is now on mitigating effects of exposure to marijuana."


-Anonymous, Oregon resident

"Although marijuana is often proclaimed to be a safe alternative to cigarette smoking, I have experienced a full gamut of side effects ranging from convulsions to asthmatic-like symptoms."


-Anonymous, California resident

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