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Teens, young adults who vape more at risk for COVID-19

Updated: Nov 8, 2020


"According to the study, led by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed Journal of Adolescent Health, teens and young adults who vape are five times more likely to become infected with the coronavirus compared with those who did not use e-cigarettes. Those who both vaped and traditionally smoked were nearly seven times more likely to become infected."

“'At least hypothetically, it goes along with what we have learned about e-cigarettes', he said. 'These do harm the lungs and, in some way, (harming) the lungs translates to reduced immunity to infection and that could certainly mean more propensity for COVID-19.'"

“'Young people may believe their age protects them from contracting the virus or that they will not experience symptoms of COVID-19, but the data show this isn’t true among those who vape', said the study’s lead author, Shivani Mathur Gaiha."


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