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Surgeon General Releases Advisory on Marijuana's Damaging Effects on the Brain

Highlights: "For adolescents, the harm to the brain is serious, real and documented (brain development, deficiency in attention, memory, decision-making, motivation, decline in IQ)."

"What we know now is NO amount of marijuana use during pregnancy or adolescence is safe."

"Marijuana can have profound effects on fetal brain development and the whole life of the child moving forward."

"There is NO approved safe or effective use of marijuana to treat a medical condition."

"Vaping is dangerous because of the drugs it puts in your system and because of the direct lung injury it can cause."

"No young people should be vaping...we don't know what's in these products."

"Some states' laws on marijuana may have changed but the science has not, and federal law has not. Moreover, because the concentration of THC in marijuana has tripled over the past few decades the science suggests marijuana use carries more risk than ever. It is a fundamentally different product, both in potency and methods of use than what existed in the past."

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