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Self-reported Cannabidiol (CBD) Use for Conditions With Proven Therapies

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Key Findings: This study thematically analyzed the content of the social media posts of a large group of self-identified CBD users so that researchers can fill the knowledge gap as to why CBD is being used and inform regulatory decision-making. Findings suggest a need for regulation of factors associated with CBD being used to treat diagnosable conditions that can be treated with evidence-based therapies. In congressional testimony, the FDA commissioner stated the agency would take stronger and wider-ranging actions if patients with diagnosable conditions were using CBD as a substitute or adjunct for approved therapies (use of CBD to treat any condition other than 2 rare forms of childhood epilepsy is not recommended by the FDA). CBD products may contain hazardous adulterants. For instance, nearly half of the hospitalized patients in the recent e-cigarette or vaping product use–associated lung injury outbreak vaped CBD-containing e-liquids, and other mass poisonings have been linked to synthetic cannabinoids.


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