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Quantity of Melatonin and CBD in Melatonin Gummies Sold in the US

In this research letter the authors state that, while Melatonin products have not been approved by the FDA they are sold over-the-counter as dietary supplements, and that they sometimes contain unapproved or prohibited drugs such as CBD (cannabidiol). Researchers analyzed 25 gummy products labeled as containing "melatonin" specifically looking for the presence of CBD, serotonin (a contaminant found in melatonin) and melatonin.

They discovered that most of these melatonin gummy products were inaccurately labeled, having more than the declared amounts of CBD and melatonin.

The authors note the following statistics:

"Calls for pediatric melatonin ingestions to US Poison Control Centers increased 530% from 2012 to 2021 and were associated with 27,795 emergency department and clinic visits, 4,097 hospitalizations, 287 intensive care unit admissions, and 2 deaths."

*Note that this article is behind a paywall and requires purchasing to review the whole text.


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