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Prevalence of Adolescent Cannabis Vaping

This review of 17 studies revealed that, among adolescents in Canada and the US:

  • Vaping products are now often used to deliver cannabis and derivitives thereof.

  • Across all school grades, adolescent cannabis vaping has increased since 2013.

  • Past-30-day use of cannabis oil and concentrates has increased in the last few years in the US and Canada and and was more prevalent in the US than herbal products for vaping in 2018 and 2019 "suggesting a move to more potent products."

  • Measures to intervene and prevent cannabis vaping among adolescents are "urgently needed."

Full article title:

Prevalence of Adolescent Cannabis Vaping

A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of US and Canadian Studies / October 15, 2021


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