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Letter to FDA re: Dangers and Toxicity of Cannabis

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Federal Register Submission Re: Re-Scheduling of Cannabinoids in USA - Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol Related Arteriopathy Genotoxicity and Teratogenesis

In his April 15, 2018 letter to the FDA, Professor Dr. Stuart Reece of Australia expressed concern about the potential for increased cannabis availability in the US should full legalization occur. He states that both THC and cannabidiol are related to arteriopathy, genotoxicity and teratogenesis and that cannabinoids should not be reclassified. He acknowledges the “myriad harmful effects” of cannabis noted in the scientific literature and that in addition to the standard concerns he has many more. Thirty such concerns are listed and detailed in his letter. To name just two of his key concerns Dr. Reece notes that:

1) Cannabis use dependence “phenocopies cellular aging”, making the cells of dependent patients “old.” He goes on to list and detail nine disorders usually associated with aging that occur with cannabis dependence.

2) With increasingly high levels of THC now available, “…another major genotoxin akin to Thalidomide is being unleashed on the USA and the world.”

Dr. Reece’s letter lists 347 references supporting his concerns.

Published on this site with permission of author Dr. Stuart Reece


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