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How Weed Became the New OxyContin

Cannabis "has become a hardcore drug, like cocaine or methamphetamines."

Just as with other hardcore drugs, chronic cannabis use leads to psychosis, overdose, and suicidality. It is "highly addictive."

In the 1960s cannabis being smoked was less than 2% THC. The potency of today's cannabis products can be as high as 70% THC in "waxes" and 95-99% in "dabs," which are what people often put into vape pens.

Cannabis has a higher conversion rate to schizophrenia than any other substance including opiods, LSD and meth. Studies from Denmark and Finland indicate chances of developing schizophrenia are nearly 50%.

Author: Leighton Woodhouse

Leighton Akira Woodhouse is a freelance reporter and documentary filmmaker. He writes at

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