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High Truths Podcast on Second Hand Marijuana Smoke With Dr. Paula Gordon

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Decades-long expert, Dr. Paula Gordon, speaks to the disastrous effects of first, second and thirdhand exposure to cannabis, CBD and anything in the hemp family. She points to the recent groundbreaking findings of Australian researcher Dr. Stuart Reece which support the hazardous arteriopathic, genotoxic and teratogenic effects.

Dr. Gordon emphasizes that “the worst part” of any form of cannabis exposure is twofold: 1. Its idiosyncratic nature (even within the same individual over time) and 2. Its neurotoxic effects on a brain of ANY AGE (desensitization/decline, the impairing/distorting of all sensory perception, sense of time and reality). She repeatedly says that people are “in denial” about cannabis/CBD/hemp which is “dumbing down” our society.

Host Dr. Roneet Lev discusses her work as an emergency room physician and the numerous cases of marijuana poisoning that she is now treating, in contrast to past years when it was rare.

Listen to full podcast on High Truths on Drugs and Addiction:

Podcast creator: Dr. Roneet Lev

Episode guest: Dr. Paula Gordon


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