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How Cartels Successfully Take Over Northern California: Interview with Jorge Ventura

In this interview Jorge Ventura (reporter and producer of “Narcofornia”) talks about how Siskiyou County in northern California has been overtaken by cartels running illegal marijuana grows. He notes that there are 7,000 illegal grows in this county alone, supporting a $49 billion black market. Jorge addresses the impact and danger of these groups (e.g. violence, murder, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, water theft, devastation of the land, threatening of local residents and law enforcement, animal theft and abuse). He notes that one cartel won a lawsuit against the local communities by using race as their defense, and that this is the first cartel known to be participating in our election process with many in the cartel voting in multiple locations.

Full documentary title: NARCOFORNIA: How Progressives Sold Out Rural California To Drug Lords

Reporter: Jorge Ventura


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