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Cannabis in ALL FORMS takes a Weed Whacker to Your Chromosomes - with Dr. Stuart Reece

Updated: Feb 27, 2023


Cannabis, including CBD and hemp is cancer-causing and destroys genes.

Cannabis genotoxicity is not controversial. It is known and accepted by the industry.

Genotoxicity is expressed as:

- Cancer

- Birth Defects

- Aging

Epigenomic damage directly causes biological aging. Age-defining illnesses from cannabis include:

- Reproductive toxicity in males and females - reduced fertility, etc.

- Liver scaring and liver cirrhosis

- Numerous cancers

- Congenital anomalies

- Arterial, cardiovascular - heart attacks, strokes

- Immune system

- Hormones endocronopathy

- Genotoxic effects on genome

- In cannabis addicts can bring age of menopause on at 28 years old, which trashes health

Dose effects are exponential. For countries / states legalizing, exposure levels can be highly genotoxic. This will trash genomes and age a population.

Cannabis is also entering the food chain through the water table and livestock.

CBD is associated with 12 cancers, including prostate cancer.

Testicular cancer is most closely related to cannabis use.

Of any adult cancer, testicular cancer is associated with the most years of life lost.

When cannabis really takes off in a region, civilization in that region takes a nose dive: this has been seen repeatedly.

Neurotoxic effects include:

- Gastroschisis

- Autism

- Mental illness

Interview by We The People Radio

Broadcast date: December 12, 2021

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