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Cannabis exposure causes tachycardia, spasms / tremors (neuroexcitation), and neurotoxicity

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

- Neurotoxicty is common after acute exposure to cannabis.

-Among all ages, tachycardia and neuroexcitation (spasms or tremors) were more likely following inhalation exposures compared to ingestions.

- Children most often experience unintentional exposure to cannabis in their homes and may have significant adverse outcomes.

- Concentrated cannabis products like resin and liquid concentrates were linked to higher toxicity than other cannabis products.

This data is from an observational study of data from the Oregon/Alaska Poison Center of 253 people age 8 months to 96 years (median 20 years) with acute exposure to cannabis.

Read full article published by OHSU

Authors: Matthew J. Noble, Katrina Hedberg, Robert G. Hendrickson


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