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Warning Letter To The FDA

In 2018 Dr. Stuart Reece, of the University of Western Australia Medical School, wrote a letter of warning to the FDA highlighting the genotoxicity of cannabis, including CBD, as well as a number of other harmful effects. The letter also notes that therapeutic effects have been "wildly inflated".

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What is cannabis?

This term includes marijuana, hemp, THC, cannabinoids, and CBD.

Recognizing Cannabis Smoke and Vape

Just because you're not smelling that classic skunky smell doesn't mean you're not exposed to cannabis.

It used to be that you could recognize cannabis fairly consistently by the skunk smell. Much of the modern cannabis, however, is infused with different smells and flavors, called terpenes. Terpenes also make the body more penetrable and more susceptible to the effects of cannabis.

"I have recently begun to be exposed to marijuana and CBD on a daily basis due to neighbor use multiple times a day. In just two months, with no other significant changes in diet, life habits, etc., I developed some alarming symptoms, including dental issues, cognitive impairment, motor coordination problems, burning skin, nausea, and fatigue."


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Cannabis Products, Including CBD, Are Neurotoxic

CBD in particular is gaining a reputation in popular culture for their healing benefits. The benefits of CBD, although apparent to some, are not supported by research with the exception of a specific type of child epilepsy. The long-term damage due to the neurotoxic effects on the brain can and eventually will affect the entire body's health.

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